Thomas interest in photography started in his childhood as he was deeply fascinated by the process of catching a moment by painting with light and forever saving this moments on film and paper.
He was educated by AGFA Geveart Germany, after assisting 7 years to some very well known photographers in Europe. At AGFA he learned his technical skills and all about the analogue-photography, his graduation was best educated photographer of the year in Germany.
Taking pictures for several years on film-sets gained him a lot of international experience. Thomas talent is to achieve high end content and campaigns on set very quick. Places like Cape Town, New York City and esspecially the greater Los Angeles area, are very familiar to him.
Thomas is shooting for several international magazines like Vogue, Harper´s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Elle e.t.c , on the commercial side his focus is on the hair- and beauty industry incl. with well-known personalities. He has his own Studio in Duesseldorf.
Thomas is doing what he loves to do, he is creating beautiful photographs with a high claim to aesthetics and quality to his own work.